Young Friday / 3-1-19

Young Friday EveryOne
Alright folks that’s the deal? What’s taken you so long to get those peepers open and the brain juices going? Don’t you know that’s FRI-DAY!! That’s right folks, while your brain is still hitting the snooze button the rest of the world is getting a jump start on this final day of the week and first day of a new month. So let’s get to it and get the juices flowing, we have a job to do and we need to do it with all the gusto and fervor we can muster up. Do you get it folks, this is the end of the standard work week. Ok I know a few of you our there, and dear friends of mine that are in oddball jobs like radio (you know the one I would give anything to get back into?) that work more like 6 days a week, or me lately working extra over my standard 40 hour week. I will say I do enjoy the extra in my paycheck though. Anyway this is flag day, focus day, finish line day. The day we take this day to the end and finish the week. So let’s start by revealing the theme of the week, all the words prior to the day are berries, Yup Youngberries, SalmonBerries, Dewberries, Bearberries, and Cloudberries) Next, put those hikers to the side and pull out your sprinters and get them on. This is a long marathon sprint on a road race course, they sun will be pounding down so a visor is recommended also. And go as light as you can, even consider going old school Olympic style, the less the better. There is one goal today get from the starting line to the finish line, but with quality of work along with quantity. This is not a sit on the porch kind of day and watch it all go by, we are participants that need to participate. We need to be doers not don’ters, we need to be mind-setters not wishy-washers. Now just because it if Friday does not mean pain and hurt take a break, depression and despair are not on vacation and people along the way for the most part are not there out of choice but do to circumstances beyond their control. So take the time to stop, listen then help in whatever matter and means you can and have to help then see them to the next care station. Now time is of the essence and we need to make haste to get to the line and get this day going. And when we do let’s give it our best to make us a most Happy, Happy all day and all weekend long.
Your Morning Jester
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances; Weekend Edition – Extra Long first of Month
National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day
Fruit Compote Day
Employee Appreciation Day first Friday in March
National Pig Day
National Salesperson Day – first Friday in the month
World Day of Prayer
Asiatic Fleet Memorial Day
Baby Sleep Day
Dadgum That’s Good Day
Dress in Blue Day
Endometriosis Day or Wear Yellow Day
Free Dentistry Day(Note: Check your area. Dates are different all year long.)
National Black Women in Jazz & The Arts Day
National Day of Unplugging: 1-2
National Horse Protection Day
National Speech and Debate Education Day
NEA’s Read Across America Day
Peace Corps Day
Plan a Solo Vacation Day
Refired, Not Retired Day
Saint David’s Day
Self-injury Awareness Day
Shabbat Across America/Canada
World Compliment Day
Zero Discrimination Day
Festival of Owls Week: 1-3
National Cheerleading Week: 1-7
National Ghostwriters Week: 1-7
National Pet Sitters Week: 1-7 Link
National Write A Letter of Appreciation Week: 1-7
Universal Human Beings Week: 1-7
Will Eisner Week: 1-7

National Banana Cream Pie Day – 2
Old Stuff Day – 2
Dr. Seuss Day: 2
Iditarod – 2
National Frozen Food Day – 2
Pasty Day – 2
Sock Monkey Day – 2
Texas Cowboy Poetry Week: 2-3

National Cold Cuts Day – 3
National Moscow Mule Day – 3
National Mulled Wine Day – 3
Caregiver Appreciation Day – 3
I Want You to be Happy Day – 3
If Pets Had Thumbs Day – 3
National Anthem Day – 3
Peach Blossom Day – 3
Daughters’ and Sons’ Day – 3
Finisher’s Medal Day – 3
International Ear Care Day – 3
Namesake Day – 3
National Anthem Day – 3
Princess Day – 3
Shrovetide: 3-5
Simplify Your Life Day – 3
Soup It Forward Day – 3
What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs? Day – 3
World Birth Defects Day – 3
World Wildlife Day – 3
Celebrate Your Name Week: 3-9
Endometriosis Week: 3-9
National Consumer Protection Week: 3-9
National Dental Assistants Recognition Week: 3-9
National Procrastination Week: 3-9
National Words Matter Week: 3-9
Professional Pet Sitters Week: 3-9
Read an E-Book Week: 3-9 Link
Return The Borrowed Books Week: 3-9
Save Your Vision Week: 3-9
Teen Tech Week: 3-9
Telecommuniter Appreciation Week: 3-9
Women in Construction Week: 3-9

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