Raspberry Black Wednesday / 3-13-19

Raspberry Black Wednesday EveryOne
Hip-pity-Hop, Bip-pity-Bop, the day on the wall tells me it’s WEDNESDAY. That’s right folks, that awesome, wonderful, outlandish day we call Halfway day, Hump-day, over the top day and the list goes on and one. To me it’s that day once we get to the pinnacle and take that one stop over the line you are one step closer to the finish line that you are to the starting line. So let’s get that fuzzy butt out of that hammock your brain is so comfortably nestled in and get those eye lids opened wide. We have a job to do, so let’s get ready to do it, and first on the list is grabbing those hikers and getting them laced and then find that staff and take hold. We have a climb up the sheer side of the cliffs that stand between us and that peak. But that is only the first half of the day and we have so much more after that. So once we finish climbing the face of this challenge, we will need to plant our flag, turn and take a look back and not just how far we really have come. Then turn and lay out a mental map of where we need to go and then get moving. The challenge is there but the game is one. No more time change excuses, no more lazy, hazy, dazy days. This is full on take charge day and we are going to nail it all day long. Just a remember that we still need to help those along the way that we come on that are desperate, hurting, near death, in true need, stop, listen then seen them to the next care center and move on. Now we need to get it going, take charge and getter-done. So let’s pack it up and go make us a most Happy, Happy all day, not cause we have to but because we want to and want to make the best of what has been given us in each and every way. The attitude of gratitude reigns.
Your Morning Guru
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Chicken Noodle Soup Day
National Coconut Torte Day
National Ginger Ale Day
Ear Muff Day
Jewel Day
Donald Duck Day
Good Samaritan Involvement Day
Itra-Uterine Growth Awareness Restriction (IUGAR) Day
K-9 Veterans Day
Ken Day
L. Ron Hubbard Day
National Open An Umbrella Indoors Day
Registered Dietitian Day
Transgender Month of Action for Healthcare Equality
Trisomy Awareness Month
Vascular Abnormalities Awareness Month
Women’s History Month
Workplace Eye Wellness Month
Worldwide Home Schooling Awareness Month
Youth Art Month


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