Tiger’s Eye Tuesday / 3-19-19

Tiger’s Eye Tuesday EveryOne
Tiger’s Eye, or rather the Eye of the Tiger, (song by Survivor), some days, some weeks, some months we need to dig down deep and find that extra will to survive, meet the situation, the events head on and tackle it with the will and desire to make the most of the whatever seems to be the objection. This is Tuesday Morning, Monday is gone and Wednesday has not arrived, we can only deal with one day at a time and that is the here and now. So gather your whits about you, pull on your hikers and staff and figure out were the door is that leads to the great outdoors. This is not your normal mountain climbing week, but a travers through jungles, wetlands, marsh and glads. This is life and it is not always up and down, but sometimes side to side, in and out, around and around, and even trips to where no one has gone before. But just because we are not climbing a mountain does not mean it is going to be easy. There maybe sinkholes, quick sand, slithery creatures and others with big mouths and big teeth. There are nats and, ‘squiters, and things with stingers on them and other things that I just don’t want to go there. The point it we see sometimes to take a different direction or try a different job or activity thinking it is going to be easier and wha-la it is anything but. Yet we must move on, it is what it is and we must make the best of what is before us. To that extent though some things remain the same, the hurting, the confused, the nearly deads, and they need our hand, our help in any way we can offer it. So be prepared to do what is needed and see them to the next care center. For us we then move on, this is our journey for today and this week, So we move on, one foot at a time, remembering that every step is another opportunity to learn, to experience to add to our resume, and to do the best job we can in all that is given us. The attitude of gratitude that got us through yesterday will get us through today and tomorrow and the rest of the week, so hang onto it and share it wherever you go. And as you go make sure to make it the most Happy, Happy you can all day long.
Your Morning Coach
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Poultry Day
National Chocolate Caramel Day
Tea for Two Tuesday
Client’s Day
*Goddess of Fertility Day (Day before the Spring Equinox)
National Certified Nurses Day
Operation Iraqi Freedom Day
Swallows Return to San Juan Capistrano Day
World Social Work Day


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