Calypso Friday / 3-22-19

Calypso Friday EveryOne
Hallelujah Amen we have arrived at the start of the final day of this week. What a week, what a week, but that is all behind us now. We are out of the jungle, we are out of woods, and what lies before us is the flat lands that are baked by the sun, day after day, just heating it up for us. So before we get going, take those hikers and toss them to the back of the closet and pull out the sprinters, put the staff away and get that sun protection and visor and let’s talk while we walk to the starting line. As any other day, the hurting don’t go away and the desperate and depressed don’t disappear so be prepared today to stop and listen and help in whatever way we can and see them to the next care station. Then move on as we have goals to meet, deadlines to finish before, quotas to meet and quality to be established. Friday is not a lazy day in the hay kind of day, it is a mean lean grinding machine kind of day with one major thing in mind. Finishing the race strong, finishing with the purpose we had in mind when we started this week. Finishing with class and finishing strong. Now for a side bar, the theme of the week, they are all different types of dried beans. Now back to the cause that we strive for this week, the goal is in sight but we need to be diligent in getting there. Other than those that need help, do not waver from your coarse and keep the faith all the way through to the end. And in all you do remember to do it with a heart that has an attitude of gratitude. Now let’s get getter-done and go make us a most Happy, Happy all day and all weekend long.
Your Morning Jester
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Water Day
Coq Au Vin Day
National Goof Off Day
As Young As You Feel Day
International Day of The Seal
Talk Like William Shatner Day
Tuskegee Airmen Day
World Day of Metta
American Crossword Puzzle Days: 22-24

National Chips and Dip Day – 23
National Chia Day – 23
National Melba Toast Day – 23
National Puppy Day – 23
Near Miss Day – 23
Endometriosis March Day – 23
National Puppy Day – 23
National Chia Day – 23
National Tamale Day – 23
Near Miss Day – 23
OK Day – 23
World Meteorological Day – 23
Be Mad Day – 23

National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day – 24
National Cocktail Day – 24
World Tuberculosis Day – 24
Health Information Professionals Week: 24-30
International Phace Syndrome Awareness Week: 24-30
National Cleaning Week: 24-30
National Protocol Officer’s Week: 24-30
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Week: 24-30
National Physicians Week: 24-30

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