Jolly Joker / 4-1-19

Jolly Joker Monday EveryOne
It’s no joke this is really Monday morning and we are just as jolly to get it going as we are any other day of the week. Mondays are not as blue and doom filled as we all have been brainwashed to believe. Ok Mondays can have there kick starter go bad once in a while, or the gas could be bad in the tank, but reality is Mondays are as good as we make than and a lot better than most give credit for. First we are coming off a weekend high (ok figuratively not literally), next we are able to get out of bed, we have enough food in our fridge, we have enough clothing to change into as frequently as the weather changes (Mid-West or New England). We can get into our jalopy and drive to where-ever, to a job that may not be our first pick but we are getting a paycheck, or better some of you are retired living off your retirement funds. So what is it about Mondays that are so back I ask. It is the start of a new week of opportunities, journeys and adventures. It is all about what we put into it not what we can suck out of it. But I get it that we will need to work at whatever we are going to do and it is a mountainous climb. So first thing we need to do is get those hikers pulled out of the back of the closet and pulled on. Find that staff and take hold of it, there were be many uses we can get our it and it will be our support. Now along the way we will come on those in a grave way, deep hurt, depression, and the list goes on. Talk the time to listen then help in whatever way you can, including seeing them to the next care center then move on. We need to be always open to helping our fellow brothers and sisters of humanity regardless of who they are, or if they are are on “like” list, and yes we are our brothers and sisters keepers. Once done, move on, we are not here for a pat on the back or reward of any kind. Now we need to get this day and this week going. This is no April Fools joke this is real and it is live and life is going to get interesting so let’s get it moving to the starting line and go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Friend
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Soylent Green Day
National Sourdough Bread Day
International Fun at Work Day
International Tatting Day
April Fools or All Fools Day
Atheist Day
Boomer Bonus Days
Library Snap Shot Day
Myles Day
National Fun Day
Poetry & The Creative Mind Day
Reading is Funny Day
Sorry Charlie Day
St. Stupid Day
Tater Day ( It’s Sweet Potatoes)
US Air force Academy Day
APAWS Pooper Scooper Week: 1-7
Explore Your Career Options: 1-6
Golden Rule Week: 1-7
Laugh at Work Week: 1-7
Medication Safety Week: 1-7
Mule Day: 1-7
Testicular Cancer Awareness Week: 1-7
Week 1 Library Week
Week 1 Read a Road Map Week

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