Frosted Chocolate Tuesday / 4-2-19

Frosted Chocolate Tuesday EveryOne
Hello, hello, and welcome to another additional of?? What you still have not gotten it, then check your pop-tart, muffin or cupcake. Get that cup of Joe, Coke, P-Word (ok I am a fan of this brand, it’s a me thing – LOL), tea or whatever liquid mojo-gojo you need and let’s get this day going. Yesterday was a great start to a week, but it is only the beginning. The climb was not bad but we need to keep up the pace and push it even a little more. Tuesdays to be are the hardest day of the week because it is between getting going and hump day, then Thursday is the start down the back side and of course Friday is just Funday. But for me finding that attitude of positive progression and gratitude is the key to getting it going and keeping it going. Our outlook on life has a major roll on how well we can cope with all the struggles that go into each days climb. The better the outlook regardless of our circumstances, the better and more we will be able to accomplish. This is not easy, but with work and application we can and will make it, and with a smile. So let’s get those hikers on and take hold that staff and start heading towards the starting line. And yes along the way we will come on those in dire need of help for whatever reason. We will not cross to the other side of the road and turn a blind eye. Rather we will stop, listen then lend a hand in whatever way we can and then see them to the next care station. We do what we can, not do what we can’t or are not skilled at, and be what we would want from someone if we were in their place. Now we need to get this day going and give it the best that we can in every way, and as we go, let’s make us a most Happy, Happy cause no one else is going to do it for us.
Your Morning Coach
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day
Reconciliation Day
Equal Pay Day
International Children’s Book Day
Isra Al Mi’ra
National Ferret Day
National Love Your Produce Manager Day
National Sexual Assault Awareness Day of Action:
World Autism Day
World Autism Acceptance Day
National Florida Tomato Month
National BLT Sandwich Month
National Soft Pretzel Month
National Soyfoods Month
National Grilled Cheese Month
National Garlic Month
National Humor Month
International Guitar Month
Keep America Beautiful Month
Lawn and Garden Month
National Kite Month
National Poetry Month
National Pecan Month
National Welding Month
Records and Information Management Month
Stress Awareness Month
Sexual Assault Awareness Month

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