Early Sunglow Monday / 4-8-19

Early Sunglow Monday EveryOne
Ever have one of them mornings you know you need to get up and get moving and you feel more like you are carrying a load of lead in your trunk? The sun is getting up earlier and earlier but my body is still on pre-daylight savings time, and I could stand for another 39 1/2 winks. But the sun has risen and whether or not I feel like getting moving or not the day has started and so must I. This even includes if you, well, whether the weather be better than it is or not. The start of a new week is here and so we much get it together, find those hikers and get them pulled on and take hold that staff and head for the door. The object this week is to make it to the top of the mountain, plant your flag then high tail it down the other side till we get to the flats by the end or Thursday. Then we make a dash for the cash on Friday that will give any marathoner a good work out. Along the way we are suppose to have adventures and journeys and fun. Last week they forgot to tell us we were suppose to have had fun. Funny I don’t remember having much of that, but at least we made it and the same will apply this week, fun or not. So let’s get this day on the way cause we would not miss the fun, it’s the only reason we come to this silly thing called life anyway, right? Well know there is more to it than that but, that is at least a start. By the way for any of those who need reminded, if we come on those in a hurting way along our travels we will take the time to help them in any way we can, including seeing them to the nearest care center. It’s what we do around here, you know do unto others as we would want done unto us. Just do it and do it well, whatever it is that needs done. Now let’s get this day under way and give it all we’ve got and make each step of the way count more than the last step. And as we go along let’s make us a most Happy, Happy all day long, cause no one else it going to do it for us.
Your Morning Friend
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Empanada Day
All is Ours Day
Draw a Picture of a Bird Day
Zoo Lover’s Day
Buddha Day
International Roma Day
National Dog Fighting Awareness Day
Garden Week
American Indian Awareness Week: 8-12
National Dental Hygienest Week: 8-12
National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week: 8-12
National Youth Violence Prevention Week: 8-12
The Masters Tournament: 8-14
Undergraduate Research Week: 8-12
Week of The Young Child: 8-12
Defeat Diabetes Month
Distracted Driving Awareness Month
Emotional Overeating Awareness Month


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