Cloud Nine Thursday / 4-11-19

Cloud Nine Thursday EveryOne
Hi-De-Ho there neighbors and friends, I hope you slept well and that you are ramped and ready to go. If not, hang on cause this is going to be a rock-n-roll kind of day. In either case, the day is going to come and it is going to move right along. There will be no time to just take the lazy route as the world will not be stopping just because we either want to take a nap or take it easy. This is the work horse day of the week and we will need to push through it in every way we can bringing together the things that are working and discarding the things that aren’t. We need to stay aware of what is happening around us and make decisions that will benefits not only you but those around you. We will need to keep pushing all the way through from beginning to end as we will need to come off this mountain and clear the tree line by the end of the day. So let’s get this started by pulling on those hikers and taking hold of that staff and let’s go find that starting line. Along the way we will come on those who are in a whole of hurt, we will take the time to stop, listen then help and see them to the nearest care center. Days like this will need our full attention, we will need to give it our full focus and make sure that whatever happens, we see it through to the end, whatever that may be. So let’s get this day on it’s way and go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Penguin
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Cheese Fondue Day
Eight Track Tape Day – do you remember those?
Barbershop Quartet Day
National Submarine Day
Celebrate Teen Literature Day
International “Louie Louie” Day
National Pet Day
National Pie Day
National Teach Children To Save Day
World Parkinson’s Disease Day
National African American Women’s Fitness Month
National Autism Awareness Month
National Cancer Control Month
National Child Abuse Prevention Month
National Card and Letter Writing Month
National Decorating Month
National Exchange Club – Child Abuse Prevention Month
National DNA & Genomics & Stem Cell Education & Awareness Month
National Donate Life Month
National Facial Protection Month
National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month
National Garden Month
National Heartworm Awareness Month
National Humor Month
National Kite Month
National Knuckles Down Month
National Landscape Architecture Month
National Lawn Care Month
National Licorice Month

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