Dazzle Friday / 4-12-19

Dazzle Friday EveryOne
Razzle Dazzle folks, it’s time to get up and get it go, go, going. We have arrived at the most wonderful day of the week in my mind, yes folks it’s that amazing day we call FRIDAY. We have pushed we have pulled we have climbed and we have repelled and we have made it to the this marvelous day. Are you ready for the dash for the cash, are you ready to ride the rail all the way to the finish line? Or is your plan to sore high above on wings of flight and use the thermals to take you all the way to the end. So many folks things that Fridays are like a hazy lazy crazy day of summer in which you can lounge your way through the day. However it is anything but that, it is a day for giving all you’ve got, leaving nothing in the tank that could have given us an additional edge up to have finished at a higher level. It is about endurance, staying the course and seeing it through to the end. But the rewards are great for those who are dedicated to the end, and the party for the weekend is wet, wild and way fun. So we can start by tossing the hikers to the side and finding those sprinter and getting them laced up, and put away the staff and find a good visor or hat that will protect your head and face from the suns beat down, and have plenty of lotion to keep from getting burned as you run this days marathon sprint. Now, Oh wait a moment you want to know the them of the week, OK fair enough, the them has been different varieties of sweetcorn, yup the stuff that you eat, I can not wait for corn season cause it is so yummy. Now back to the wrap this up, you get it, no those that hurt, that need our help, that are lost and confused do not take vacations on Fridays and neither do we. So when we come upon them, we will take the time to stop, listen and help in whatever way we can and then see them to the nearest care center. Now, before this day gets away from us, let’s get it together and give it all we’ve got and be proud of all we have accomplished this whole week, and let’s go make us a most Happy, Happy both today and all weekend long. Have a great and wonderful in all you do and experience.
Your Morning Jester
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Licorice Day
National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day
Big Wind Day – this day blows me away!
Russian Cosmonaut Day
Walk on Your Wild Side Day
Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality Monument Day
D.E.A.R. Day (aka Drop Everything And Read)
International Day of Human Space Flight
International Day for Street Children
National Day of Silence
National Donate Life (Blue and Green) Day
National Day of Silence
National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day
National Teach Children to Save Day
Walk on Your Wild Side Day
Yuri’s Night

National Peach Cobbler Day – 13
International Plant Appreciation Day – 13
Scrabble Day – 13
Baby Massage Day – 13
Make Lunch Count Day – 13
Thomas Jefferson Day – 13

National Pecan Day – 14
Ex Spouse Day – 14
International Moment of Laughter Day – 14
Look up at the Sky Day – don’t you have anything better to do? – 14
National Dolphin Day – 14
Palm Sunday – date varies – 14
Reach as High as You Can Day – 14
Children with Alopecia Day – 14
Dictionary Day – 14
Global Day to End Child Sexual Abuse – 14
National Gardening Day – 14
National Perfume Day – 14
Palm Sunday – 14
Pan American Day – 14
Pathologists’ Assistant Day – 14


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