Red Ear Monday / 4-15-19

Red Ear Monday EveryOne
Welcome folks and I hope you are going with great expectation for this day and this week. I get it that some of us are already experiencing Stormy Mondays, while others are saying Thank God it’s Monday, (yes both are song titles). But whatever your response is we have new adventure ahead of us, new journeys to travel and opportunities that we can not even begin to imagine. So let’s get this day started by getting that sleepy brain our of that cranial hammock and get those peepers propped open. Pull on those hikers and find that staff you so carelessly tossed in the closet on Friday and let’s head on out. For each of us this is a one day at a time gig, I have never met anyone able to live two or more days at a time. Yesterday and last week is behind us and gone, and tomorrow is before us and we can not live what is not here yet. So although we are having to deal with last weeks hangovers (work not too much to drink) and we are working in a way that will lead us to new opportunities and availabilities we still must live life one day at a time. Do our best, give our best, be our best in each and every things that comes our way. Now, along the way there will be those who need our assistance, our hand, our help, be discerning to those who are looking to cheat you vs those in a true hurting way and then give as you can and see them to the next care center. Now before the others leave us behind let’s get this day rocking and rolling and get this climb underway. And in the process of all we are doing make sure to make this a most Happy, Happy for you and all that you come in contact this. May you have a most wonderful, sunshiny day in all you do and say.
Your Morning Friend
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
Blessing to those celebrating Holy Week this Week.
National Glazed Ham Day
Income Taxes Due (most years, it’s on the 15th)
Patriot’s Day
Rubber Eraser Day
That Sucks Day
Titanic Remembrance Day
World Art Day
Boston Marathon
Jackie Robinson Day
McDonald’s Day
National Education and Sharing Day
One Boston Day
Take a Wild Guess Day
National Occupational Health Nursing Week: 15-19
National Minority Health Month Link
National Multiple Birth Awareness Month Link
National Occupational Therapy Month
National Parkinson’s Awareness Month Link
National Pecan Month Link
National Pest Management Month
National Pet Month Link Link
National Poetry Month
National Rebuilding Month
National Safe Digging Month Link
National Sarcoidosis Awareness Month Link Note: Sarcoidosis Day is August 29Link
Nationally Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) Month
National Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month Link
National Social Security Month
National Youth Sports Safety Month

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