Yellow Bellied Friday / 4-19-19

Yellow Bellied Friday EveryOne
Sound the alarm, blow the trumpets, let the bells ring wake everyone up it’s that day of all days we call Friday. Yes folks that glorious day we can take it to the house and wrap up another week of work, put it behind us then party like it’s 2099. But we first need to get it out of cushy bead we are lying in (mentally speaking as we are already up reading this, Dah). We need to get into that closet and find those sprinters and lace them up and grab that visor instead of the staff so we have some shielding from the sun on our face. This days run is through the dessert, it is a marathon sprint all the way. We have one goal in mind, finishing, finishing strong, finishing with quantity and quality, finishing with dignity, finishing with our heads up, finishing like there is not tomorrow. This is not a sleeper of a day, this is nothing like the rest of the week has been, this is a one day winner take all kind of day. So get it together and let’s get it to the starting line so we can get this day on the go. Yes along the way we will come on those who need help, and are hurting both physically and mentally, we will still stop and listen and help in whatever way we can and see them to the next care center, and remember we are here to do good and move on. (So you wanna know what the theme has been for the week, all are different types of Turtles,, I know it can a little slow to us all,, it was all hidden in the shell the whole time,, it could ,, ok, ok, I’ll stop as it’s too early in the morning for too many puns.) Any way, I wanna get the party started and that only happens when we cross the finish line, So let’s get this day underway and go make us a great ad wonderful and a most Happy, Happy all day and all weekend long. And do it to the best of our abilities every step of the way.
Your Morning Jester
Steve Gimmi

National Rice Ball Day
National Garlic Day
National Amaretto Day
Good Friday
Passover begins at sundown
Bicycle Day
Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Action Day
John Parker Day
National Hanging Out Day
National Poker Day
Oklahoma City Bombing Commemoration Day
World Marbles Day
National Dance Week: 19-28
Global Youth Service Days: 19-21

National Pineapple Upside-down Cake Day – 20
Lima Bean Respect Day – 20
Chinese Language Day – 20
Husband Appreciation Day – 20
Look Alike Day – 20
Volunteer Recognition Day – 20
Auctioneers Day – 20
Comcast Cares Day – 20
International Cli-Fi Day – 20
National Cheddar Fries Day – 20
National Pot Smokers Day – 20
Take Your Parents To The Playground Day – 20
National Park Week: 20-28
Passover: 20-27

National Chocolate-Covered Cashews Day – 21
Easter Sunday – 21
Kindergarten Day – 21
Bulldogs are Beautiful Day – 21
International Hemp Day – 21
National Surprise Drug Test Day – 21
National Yellow Bat Day – 21
Orthodox Palm Sunday – 21
Plum Pudding Day – 21
Queen’s Birthday (real date) – 21
Animal Cruelty/Human Violence Awareness Week: 21-27
Administrative Professionals Week: 21-27
Bedbug Awareness Week: 21-27
Chemists Celebrate Earth Week: 21-27
Festival of Ridvan: 21-5/2
Fibroid Awareness Week: 21-27
Medical Laboratory Professionals Week:21-27
National Coin Week: 21-27
National Infertility Awareness Week: 21-27
National Paperboard Packaging Week: 21-27
National Pet ID Week: 21-27
National Princess Week: 21-27
Orthodox Holy Week: 21-27
Preservation Week:21-27
Sky Awareness Week: 21-27
Spring Astronomy Week: 21-26
World Hula Week: 21-27

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