Wizard Mu Thursday / 5-16-19

Wizard Mu Thursday EveryOne
Oh glorious day that we can see the green of the grass
The morning dew that lay upon each blade
And the sparkle of sunlight that through each droplet
May this be a reminder to us that even down the minutest detail is important to bring the start of a new day. Each blade of grass, each droplet of water that reflects the suns rays, causing prisms of color to glisten across the yards giving thought to a rainbow sea. And you wanted to stay in bed and miss this? You wanted to sleep in till the morning sun had dried up all the wetness before we headed out? Seriously? I know that sleep is a precious commodity in the working world, but sometimes our choice to sleep causes us to miss some of the wonders of the universe. As this day goes along through all its trials and tribulations, may we remember the bigger picture has more to do with the minutest details that we can be apart of, then getting ruffled by loose feathers fallen from a birds nest that have fallen out of place. We let unnecessary things distract us from what is really important and how that fits into the bigger picture. We have a race to run, a race to be strange in, everyday is a different leg of that race, and it is the sum of the parts that equals the whole not a single event or day. So as we go through today, be mindful of those around us, do everything you can to be a support as we do not always know if they are a blade of grass or a droplet of dew. Give your best in all you do as if you might be that ray of light someone else needs to see, and remember to stay focused on the bigger picture while enjoy every small detail. Now let’s get the footwear on, take the hold your support element and let’s get this day on the path we are meant to travel. And through it all be sure to make it a most Happy, Happy, cause no one else is going to do it for you.
Your Morning Penguin
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Barbecue Day
National Coquilles St. Jacques Day
Love a Tree Day
National Sea Monkey Day
Wear Purple for Peace Day
Biographer’s Day
International Day of Light
Mimosa Day
National Piercing Day
National Foul Ball Week: 16-21


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