Deliboy Friday / 5-17-19

Deliboy Friday EveryOne
The tulips dance in the morning sun in vibrant colors
As the flock of petaled perennials seem to float in the morning breeze
While the lazy leaves dance to proclaim her majesty
Just a flower? Or a spectacle of glory declaring her makers majesty?
Fridays are a day of jubilations waiting to be celebrated as the gateway to the weekend. It is not a day for wistful longings or woebegones while reminiscing of nostalgic dreams and desires gazing at clouds lisping along in gentle air streams. Rather this is a day to be active, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed without abatement to the weeks weariness. We need to be actively seeking ways to put the most of what has culminated to this point into a focused agenda to finish this race strong, with dignity and due diligence. Although Friday we seek to finish quickly with style and quality, many feel more like they are pushing through what seems like muck and mire than apple pie or achievement. We are tired, drained, fatigued we have but one last run to make. We need to find that finish line, checkered flag, goal, hoop, end zone, buffet table, or booze bar, and lay claim to it. When the gun sounds run strong and hard and leave nothing on the table to be questioned or challenged. Raise the stakes for those around you, encourage them, support them, help them in any way that you can as we never know who we might need help from in the future. The thought here is treat others as you would want to be treated, not that you expect anything from anyone, we just do good and move on. Now for the theme of the week, you through I forgot about it didn’t you? We each one is the name of a vehicle 4 cars and 1 small work van, I particularly like the Bimbo, just makes you go humm sometimes. Oh well next week a new theme cometh.) As far as footwear today I would suggest sprinters, and dare to go without or as light as you must to lighten your load, as we are looking for streamlining and sleekness to get us from the starting point to the finish. Now as we draw this day to a start and week to a close let’s go out in a blaze of glory and go make us a most Happy, Happy all day and all weekend long.
Your Morning Jester
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Cherry Cobbler Day
National Bike to Work Day
Pack Rat Day
Endangered Species Day
International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia
International Defense Transportation Day
International Virtual Assistants Day
National Pizza Party Day
O. Henry Pun-off Day
Same Sex Marriage Day
Syttende Mai
World Hypertension Day
World Telecommunications and Information Society Day
World Neurofibromatosis Day (NF Day)

National Cheese Souffle Day – 18
I love Reese’s Day – 18
Armed Forces Day – 18
International Museum Day – 18
No Dirty Dishes Day – 18
Visit Your Relatives Day – 18
Armed Forces Day – 18
Buy A Musical Instrument Day – 18
Day of Vesak – 18
Do Dah Day – 18
HIV Vaccine Awareness Day – 18
I Love Reeses Day – 18
Morel Mushroom Day: 18-19
Mother Whistler Day: 18
National Learn To Swim Day – 18
National Museum Day – 18
Preakness – 18
Visit Your Relatives Day – 18
National Safe Boating Week: 18-24

National Devil’s Food Cake Day – 19
World Baking Day – 19
Boy’s Club Day – 19
World Plant a Vegetable Garden Day – 19
Bay to Breakers Race – 19
May Ray Day – 19
National Hepatitus Testing Day – 19
National Asian & Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day – 19
National Scooter Day – 19
Ride A Unicycle Day – 19
Take Your Parents To The Playground (Park) Day – 19
EMS (Emergency Medical Services) Week: 19-25
International Heritage Breeds Week: 19-25
National Eosinophil Awareness Week: 19-25
National Medical Transcription Week: 19-25
National New Friends, Old Friends Week: 19-25
National Stationery Week: 19-22
National Unicycle Week: 19-25
World Trade Week: 19-25

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