Maltese Thursday / 6-6-19

Maltese Thursday EveryOne

Hi-De-Ho All and how do you do? This is another day that we have to be thankful for another opportunity in life. Whatever didn’t go right yesterday we get to change or do over today to get it right and whatever went right to improve on it, to make it even better. So are you ready?! Seriously are you ready? Hum not hearing much excitement out there. Ok it could be 20 degrees outside with windchills a lot lower and a foot or more of white stuff coming out of the sky. Get the picture it ain’t so bad today, so let’s get our uniforms going and put out brains in gear and get this day going. As we go along remember to keep your ears and eyes open to those in desperate need for help from anyone willing to stop and listen. We will deliver, then see them to the next care center. Thursday is a workhorse day of the week. We will need to gather out wayward projects into the carroll and determine what stays and what needs to go. We will need to be on our best and we will need to be focused out the ying-yang in all we do. So as we get this morning going, be sure to have that extra shot of caffeine handy or whatever you use to get that extra burst of mojo going and juice it up and let-r-go. So all bodies to their stations and all you land lubbers to the starting line and let’s get this next leg of the journey going and take hold of this day any way we can. For many of us this has been a very hard week in more ways that we want to acknowledge but it is still going and so much we so let’s put this ship into hyper-speed and go make us a most Happy, Happy, all day long in all we do, say and experience. Your Morning PenguinSteve

Holidays & Observances:
National Applesauce Cake Day
National Gardening Exercise Day- Get out and exercise with your plants.
National Yo-Yo DayDrive-in Movie Day
National Eyewear Day
National Higher Education Day
Russian Language Day
YMCA DayGreat American Brass Band Week: 6-9
Superman Days: 6-9National Aphasia Awareness Month
National Bathroom Reading Month
National Camping Month
National Candy Month 
National Caribbean-American Heritage Month
National Congenital Cytomegalovirus Awareness Month 
National DJ Month 
National Fruit and Veggies Month 
National GLBT  Pride Month
National GLBT Book Month
National Home Ownership Month 
National Ice Tea Month
National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month
National Oceans Month
National Papaya Month 
National Pet Preparedness Month
National Pollinator Month
National Rivers Month
National Rose Month  
National Safety Month
National Scoliosis Awareness  Month
National Smile Month (May 13-June 13)
National Soul Food Month
National Steakhouse Month
National Zoo and Aquarium Month

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