Vanilla Wednesday / 6-12-19

Vanilla Wednesday EveryOne 

Hello, hello, hello, and how do you do? OK you got up out of bed, your smelling the coffee or tasting your tea, you were able to put on brush your own teeth and brush your own hair. Stop and think about it, I know some of you are already there, but many are not. We struggle getting up in the mornings, getting going and it’s all because of a fracture in our thinking. We look at the glass half empty not half full, we dread what we can not change instead of looking for ways to make the best of things or other ways around the obstacles preventing us from doing what we need or want to. We choose a bad attitude instead of a good one, and let it bring us down instead of rising up. This is Wednesday, this is halfway day, this is hump-day. this is the day we crest the mountain and as we do become closer to the end than going back to the beginning. So we have so much to shoot for today, so much to achieve, so much to go after, don’t start it in the dumpster and have to climb out of that too. There are so many folks that are already there and can’t find there way out, those are the ones we need to stop, and listen, and lend a hand to. We need to be ready to be helper not the hinderer. We need to be the sunshine, not the cloudy skies be the Happy Harry, not the Debbie Downer, and if need see them to the nearest care center. Now all this yakking and we need to get going and what have we on our feet? Nothing, so let’s get those hikers on and grab that staff, remember once we get to the top that is only way. Take a quick glance back to where we started and note how far we have come they turn and mentally map out were we need to go then get moving off the back side of the mountain for the second half of the day. Now let’s get it going and give it all we’ve go and make us a most Happy, Happy all day long. 

Your Morning Guru

Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:National Peanut Butter Cookie Day
International Falafel DayInternational Cachaça Day National Jerky Day Red Rose DayCrowded Nest Awareness Day
Superman Day
Victims of Orlando, Florida Attack Day
World Day Against Child Labor

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