Lahm Bi Ajeen Friday / 6-7-19

Lahm Bi Ajeen Friday EveryOne

Wake up, Wake up, Wake up, the sun is shining and this is the day we have been waiting for, that’s right it’s F-R-I-D-A-Y, FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY. So rise and shine and give all the glory to the maker and sustainer of life and all that is in it. Shucks just let’s get to it and get them Unies on and let’s get this day rockin’. There is so much to say, so much to do, so much to finish. The name of the game is to get as much as we an done but with quality and not just waked out quantity. Quantity without quality is worthless work and creates more work later down the road. So even through it is Friday we need to do it right the first time and see it through to the end. This day will be filled with lots of obstacles and challenges but we will fight our way though them and get the job done, on time and something to be proud of. No for the theme of the week: all are different types of Pizzas. Yes those round wonderful to eat pizza pies. So pick one out and give it a try. Oh you can google them for what is actually on each one.) Now along the way we will come on those having a much harder time at it then we are, so be prepared to stop, listen and help in whatever way we can and see them to the next care center as hard times does not take a break on Fridays, or any other day of the week. So let’s get focused, hands on deck and battle stations ready, and full throttle it all the way to the end. We need to get this day moving and finish this week in a blaze of glory so let’s get moving and go make us a most Happy, Happy all day and all weekend long. And have a most wicked wonderful time doing it all. Your Morning JesterSteve
Holidays & Observances:National Chocolate Ice Cream Day
VCR Day(Daniel) Boone Day – 7
Horseradish Days: 7-9

National Jelly-Filled Doughnut Day – 8
World Oceans Day – 8 (Sustainable Seafood)

Best Friends Day – 8
Name Your Poison Day – 8World Oceans Day – 8
Belmont Stakes – 8
Companies That Care Day – 8
Family Fitness and Health Day – 8 
Ghostbusters Day – 8
International Young Eagles Day – 8 
Missing Mutts Awareness Day – 8 
National Caribbean American HIV/AIDS Awareness Day – 8
National Marina Day – 8
National Rose’ (wine) Day – 8
Queen’s Official Birthday – 8
Shavout – 8
Upsy Daisy Day – 8
World Bike Naked Day – 8 
Worldwide Knit (and Crotchet) in Public Day – 8
World Gin Day – 8

National Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie Day – 9
Donald Duck Day – 9
Nursing Assistants Day – 9Abused Women and Children’s Awareness Day – 9
Children’s Sunday – 9
International Archives Day – 9
Loving Day – 9
Multicultural American Child Day – 9 
National Earl Baltes Day – 9
Pentecost – 9
Toy Industry Day – 9
WhitSunday – 9 
World APS Day – 9

Greencare For Troops Week: 9-15
National Automotive Service Professionals Week: 9-15 (Week That has the 12th In It)
National Right of Way Professionals Week: 9-15 Link (Second Full Week)
National Flag Week: 9-15

Maltese Thursday / 6-6-19

Maltese Thursday EveryOne

Hi-De-Ho All and how do you do? This is another day that we have to be thankful for another opportunity in life. Whatever didn’t go right yesterday we get to change or do over today to get it right and whatever went right to improve on it, to make it even better. So are you ready?! Seriously are you ready? Hum not hearing much excitement out there. Ok it could be 20 degrees outside with windchills a lot lower and a foot or more of white stuff coming out of the sky. Get the picture it ain’t so bad today, so let’s get our uniforms going and put out brains in gear and get this day going. As we go along remember to keep your ears and eyes open to those in desperate need for help from anyone willing to stop and listen. We will deliver, then see them to the next care center. Thursday is a workhorse day of the week. We will need to gather out wayward projects into the carroll and determine what stays and what needs to go. We will need to be on our best and we will need to be focused out the ying-yang in all we do. So as we get this morning going, be sure to have that extra shot of caffeine handy or whatever you use to get that extra burst of mojo going and juice it up and let-r-go. So all bodies to their stations and all you land lubbers to the starting line and let’s get this next leg of the journey going and take hold of this day any way we can. For many of us this has been a very hard week in more ways that we want to acknowledge but it is still going and so much we so let’s put this ship into hyper-speed and go make us a most Happy, Happy, all day long in all we do, say and experience. Your Morning PenguinSteve

Holidays & Observances:
National Applesauce Cake Day
National Gardening Exercise Day- Get out and exercise with your plants.
National Yo-Yo DayDrive-in Movie Day
National Eyewear Day
National Higher Education Day
Russian Language Day
YMCA DayGreat American Brass Band Week: 6-9
Superman Days: 6-9National Aphasia Awareness Month
National Bathroom Reading Month
National Camping Month
National Candy Month 
National Caribbean-American Heritage Month
National Congenital Cytomegalovirus Awareness Month 
National DJ Month 
National Fruit and Veggies Month 
National GLBT  Pride Month
National GLBT Book Month
National Home Ownership Month 
National Ice Tea Month
National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month
National Oceans Month
National Papaya Month 
National Pet Preparedness Month
National Pollinator Month
National Rivers Month
National Rose Month  
National Safety Month
National Scoliosis Awareness  Month
National Smile Month (May 13-June 13)
National Soul Food Month
National Steakhouse Month
National Zoo and Aquarium Month

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Summer Beach Time is here & a Bikini Bottom Cocktail / 6-5-19

    Welcome to June and the beginning of summer (at least that’s what our meteorologist is telling us). Yes we know that the real date is 6-21 and will go through 9-23 this year. So we actually get a really good time of it, but we are greedy and needy and so ready for the sunlight to shine and the warmth to overtake the cold. Now if we could only get the waters to warm up like the weather. But unfortunately that takes a bit longer and only a hardy New Engalnder would dare jump in any sooner. I just call that crazy, not hardy but oh well. Anyway, the weather is turning little by little and those vacant beaches will soon be filled with the sounds of families with little kids running all over the place kicking up sand in places that should not be kicked. My folks would not allow me to run on the beach where others were for anything. They respected others sharing the same beach space as we did and especially on the weekends when the crowds were heavier. The “older” kids would lay on their blankets with their radios on towards the back of the beach, some playing volleyball, other throwing a Frisbee but on our beach they were for the most part respectful of those around and families with kids. It’s been a while since I have been to a crowded beach and would hope that is still being instilled in our kids today, but what I’m seeing on the streets and in the school I question it. Today I go after work, when others either are or have packed up there blankets and and bags, taken hold their floaties, balls and umbrellas and lets not forget those boards, boogie, body and even an occasional sail or paddle board and headed back to the room, cottage or grandpa’s place to get ready for dinner. Me, no minds I have dinner at the house, and going later, allows me a near clear beach without having to fight the masses in the water or on the beach. And for the weekends, no way am I going to go, especially if it is sunny and mid 70s or above. I will take the towel out back and lay on my deck on my comfortable lounges, with no sand in my face or worse in my beer. Now for those of you who are coming down, do take up real estate on the beach, your good news in this, I will not be there taking up more space that will already be at a premium. Please enjoy your time here and go enjoy your dinners out and help keep my neighbors mortgages paid and their kids warmly dressed this winter on their way to school. So to all this, summer is here, and the beaches are ready, please enjoy and remember to be mindful of those around you and have a great and wonderful time right here on old Cape Cod.        Local businesses report, This is an interesting one, Places that are music venues. I sometimes only think of the obvious one and forget there is much more here on the cape. The first thing will be all the local night spots through the summer that will have live music. Whether in Falmouth, Sandwich, Hyannis, Dennis, Chatham, Orleans, or P’town or any off the other towns so many will have live music especially on the weekends and many every day of the week starting here soon. A lot of these are local, Cape Cod artist that do a great job and offer many different kinds and styles of music.       The next list is the more known list, or maybe not. If you have not been to any of these google them and check out what is going on or when they are performing.       Highfield Theatre – Falmouth – home to the College Light Opera Company      Falmouth Theatre Guild – Falmouth      Cape Cod Melody Tent –  Hyannis – all different kinds of big names performing in the round.      The Cape Playhouse in Dennis – Live theater      Cape Cod Symphony – Hyannis, mix music and theater.       Payomet Performing Arts Center i- North Truro – mixed performances       Bandstands – Falmouth, Chatham.       Performing Arts Playhouses – besides Dennis noted above there is Brewster Playhouse, Barnstable Performing playhouse, Cape Cod Theater Company in West Harwich, Orleans Academy of Performing Arts,       Harwich Junior Theater – Harwich      Chatham Drama Guild – Chatham      Woods Hole Choral Society and Woods Hold Theater Company- Woods Hole       Buzzards Play Production – Wareham      Monomoy Theater – Chatham      Provincetown Theatre Company – Provincetown    And folks Im still missing many. The Cape is chuck full of performing artists, groups, chorals, dance and other groups that you can not count. I am sure you could find a different venue every night between mid June and Labor Day and not do one twice, or at least see something different each time you went. So get out there and enjoy some great theater, music, or any other type of performing art, that you could only do it is such a spectacular setting like you would have on Old Cape Cod.       Hi-de-ho there neighborly folk and hope the beginning of summer from a meteorology standpoint has started out great for you. Last weekend was a wicked awesome one and we were shuffling folk in and out on a constant basis. The light tower got a good workout and the view wasn’t bad either as the sun was in and out most of the day and the temperatures were reasonable enough that the lamp room did not get overbearing. So the folks who came had a very pleasant time. We had a good turn out of volunteers that were wonderful and were able to man/ or in many spots woman all the areas and be able to rotate some around. And Ma was doing her thing in the kitchen again, but she would not let me hang in there too long, How an I suppose to be the taste tester if I am not allowed to stick around. She tells me that’s the point. Anywho, No major reports of any accidents out on the waters from a boaters perspective and the water still a little chilly for a lot of folks, but it does not seem to bother the kids. But the one good things is it is still a bit chilly for the sharks as well, but keep your whits about you and your minds, they are coming and they will be here. So keep an eye open for the reports the warmer the water gets. Well thats about it for this round. Remember we are open 7 days a week from now till Labor Day, but not all lighthouses and stations are, so check out there web sites for times open and go visit them too. Until we meet again, have a great and wonderful, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.        First Wednesday of the month, time for a cocktail, I am wondering if I should change the 5th Wednesday to a nighttime nightcap, LOL. Anyway, cocktail names just kill me, it seems sometimes they compete with each other to who can come up with the raunchiest name or the most bizarre names. Then when they can’t think of anything else they start renaming new cocktails with old names, and then there is the race and the colorful. If you can think it, there is most likely a cocktail by that name or at least several within the subject. Anyway, Im not sure where or how this category every came about but one thing I know the more I drink the better my eyesight gets. Now on with the show for this week:
      This week’s recipe: Bikini Bottom Cocktail
      2      oz      Rum, mango      2      oz      Rum, pineapple
      2      oz      Orange Juice
      4      oz      Papaya Juice
      1                handful Ice
      1       slice  Oranges
      Blend all ingredients except for the orange slice and pour into glass. Place orange slice on the rim. Use a tall glass like a hurricane glass.       Please note this recipe is all over the web, not limited to one place, so I just say thank you to whomever came up with it. 

Scottish Wednesday / 6-5-19

Scottish Wednesday EveryOne

Woo hoo, it’s that wonderful wacky wild day we call Wednesday. That day when we pass the mid-day point we will be half-way to our destination, closer to the finish that the beginning and so on. The problem with using space and time travel as a reference point in our journey is that finding that line that differentiates going back vs going forward gets skewed or meshed together. Time as a demention is hard to calculate, (ok per In physics, spacetime (also space–time, space time or space–time continuum) is any mathematical model that combines space and time into a single interwoven continuum. The spacetime of our universe is usually interpreted from a Euclidean space perspective, which regards space as consisting of three dimensions, and time as consisting of one dimension, the “fourth dimension”) Confused? Don’t worry be happy when Jupiter and Mars alines we will all be in the house of Aquarius (LOL- if we don’t we will just lose it in more ways that we can count.) You know every now and then you have to try to through a curve ball into the party just to see if everyone is still awake and about. Back to reality, time to get our uniforms on (remember this is just a hypothetical mental image there, uniform defined as anything from just sandals to a full head to foot garment.) and head to our stations. Along the way of our travels remember to keep open eyes and ears for those in need of help and be open to doing what is needed to get them on their way or see them to the next care center. Now time to get this starship moving again and deeper into space, we will need to make the next outpost by days end, and same thing to you land lubbers. So let’s get hopping and go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long and make of the most of whatever is sent our way. Your Morning Guru WokkieSteve   Holidays & Observances:
National Ketchup / Catsup Day
National Gingerbread Day
National Veggie Burger DayWorld Environment DayHot Air Balloon DayApple II Day
Baby Boomers Recognition Day
Festival of Popular Delusions Day
Global Running Day
National Moonshine Day
National Tailors DayHydranencephaly Awareness Month 
International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
International Men’s Month
International Surf Music Month
Dairy Month 
June is Lane Courtesy Month 
June is Perennial Gardening Month
June is Turkey Lovers Month 
Mens Health Education and Awareness Month
Migraine Awareness MonthNational Accordion Awareness Month

Sicilian Tuesday / 6-4-19

Sicilian Tuesday EveryOne

Hurray, Hurray we made it through another Monday, and Tuesday lies before us. The stars have set and the sun has risen and now tis our time to join in as our world comes to life. Our journey still has a ways to go so we might as well get it going and make the most of it. Time to dawn the uniform and head to our stations for another day of travels. Some of you are still on uncharted paths with firm ground beneath your feet while others of us are traversing through the galaxies searching for that next discovery. Life is full of challenges for each of us in our own ways. But life must go on so we might as well pull it together and move on, I’m not sure if it is the unknown that bothers me or the known. But in either case it is all around us and we need to see what needs done to move forward and get it done. For some the journey has become overwhelming or they have been overtaken wrongfully and need help. Be ready to be open to helping them in whatever needs done and see them to the next care center. Well this day is not getting earlier and we are not making any headway standing here. So let’s get on board with what needs done and give it all we’ve got, and in the process let’s go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long. Your Morning

Holidays & Observances:National Cheese DayNational Frozen Yogurt DayNational Cognac DayApplesauce Cake Day
Hug Your Cat Day
Old Maid’s Day Audacity To Hope Day
International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression
International (World) Hug Your Cat Day
National SAFE DayDairy Alternatives Month
Dementia Care Professionals Month
Effective Communications Month
Entrepreneurs “Do It Yourself” Marketing Month
Fashion in Colonial Virginia Month
Fireworks Safety Month
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Month
Georgia Blueberry Month
Give A Bunch of Balloons Month 
Great Outdoors Month

Greek Monday / 6-3-19

Greek Monday EveryOne,

Morning and welcome to another journey to the deep unknown. The sun is up and the birds are chirping, ok so they were chirping at 5 something this morning, not what I call the most welcoming sound at that hour to me. Personally I prefer the quietness of my inter-sanctum. I am not an early riser by choice, but by necessity and I do what I have to, to make it work as we all do. This week is going to bring its own challenges but we will make it work regardless of what comes our way. Sometimes when the path you know that has to be walked needs to be changed, it becomes hard to focus on what is right in front of you and under your immediate footing. It’s Monday, the start of a new week and the start of a new month and all is a being viewed through a dense fog. But the journey must go on, life does not stop for you to get on or off the carousel and the challenges of life whatever they are don’t let up. Sound familiar? You’re not alone, Yes there are those that just love getting up and going and live is just a happy to lucky at this time. Others are just doing their thing and life is life, nothing bad, nothing exciting, and all is well. Past this are the rest were life is just a challenge, and the view is not promising, and the paths are not easy. Whatever road you are on do your best to make the most of it. What is heartbreaking is there are those that don’t even fall into these levels of life and are near lost or so beaten they have lost all hope. Be prepared to stop and lend a hand in any way you can. Be a neighbor, a friend, a good Samaritan, stop, listen, and help in any way you can and see them to the next care station, helping others is a great prescription to the blues. Now this day needs to get rolling, we need to put this starship into hyperdrive and get it going. So get whatever uniform fits your job and function and tune in to what is going on all around you and on where we need to go. Then let’s get it going and make us a most Happy, Happy all day long, cause no one else is going to do it for us. Have a great day regardless,,,Your Morning FriendSteve
Holidays & Observances:National Chocolate Macaroon Day
National Egg Day
Repeat Day (I said “Repeat Day”)Chimborazo Day
Leave The Office Early Day
National Stuffed Shrimp Scholars Day
National Thank God It’s Monday Day
Wonder Woman Day
World Bicycle Day
World Clubfoot DayHemp History Week: 3-9 Adopt-A-Cat Month
Adopt A Shelter Cat Month
African-American Music Appreciation Month
Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month
Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome Awareness Month (APS) 
Audio Book Appreciation Month
Beautiful in Your Skin Month 
California Avocado Month 
Cancer From The Sun Month
Caribbean-American Heritage Month
Cataract Awareness Month
Celibacy Awareness Month 
Child Vision Awareness Month
Children’s Awareness Month
Country Cooking Month

Bowler Friday / 5-31-19

Bowler Friday EveryOne

Wakey-wakey, and get them piggies out of bed, we have made it through the bulk of the week and have this last day to take on and tackle. It’s not going to be easy as we need to bring it all together, wrap it up and deliver it with a bow. We can start by putting those hikers away and getting out those sprinters or it your little heart desired let them run free and go barefoot, personally I am wearing the sprinters, I live my toes protected. And get some covering for your head, speaking of which (our theme for the week has been different types of hats.) Now it’s not a short day and we have a lot to get done. We need to finish strong with numbers as well as with quality. We do not need to finish with anything left in the tank, so be prepared to go hard in every way and being it all home. You know it, Fridays do not give up on those in need or in a hurting way. So be prepared to stop, listen and help in any way we can and see them to the nearest care center. Now this is going to feel like a long day, on such a short week, but we are nearing the end. So find your goal, your finish line and point your nose towards it and get it ready to go like there is no tomorrow. So what are we doing still here? Let’s get it to the line and get this day going and go make us a most Happy, Happy all day and all weekend long.

Your Morning Jester

Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:National Macaroon Day
Heat Awareness Day
Mike, The Headless Chicken Day: 31-6/1 
Necrotizing Fasciitis Awareness Day
Save Your Hearing Day
What You Think Upon Grows Day
World MS Day (Multiple Sclerosis)
World No-Tobacco Day
National Hazelnut Cake Da – 6/1
Dare Day – 6/1
Flip a Coin Day – 6/1
National Trails Day – 6/1Artichoke Days: 1-2
Do-Dah Parade Day – 6/1
Drawing Day or Pencil Day – 6/1 
Global Day of Parents: – 6/1
Heimlich Maneuver Day – 6/1
National Black Bear Day – 6/1
National Bubbly Day – 6/1
National Go Barefoot Day – 6/1
National Nailpolish Day – 6/1
National Olive Day – 6/1
National Pen Pal Day – 6/1
National Prairie Day – 6/1
Oscar The Grouch Day – 6/1
Say Something Nice Day – 6/1
Stand For Children Day – 6/1
Superman’s Birthday – 6/1
The Wicket World of Croquet Day – 6/1
Turtle Races Day – 6/1
World Milk Day – 6/1
World Narcissistic Abuse Day – 6/1
World Reef Day – 6/1International Clothesline Week: 1-8 
National Lemonade Days: 1-9 

National Rocky Road Day – 6/2
National Rotisserie Chicken Day – 6/2National Bubba Day – 6/2National Animal Rights Day – 6/2
National Cancer Survivors Day – 6/2
National Gun Violence Awareness Day – 6/2
National Rotisserie Chicken Day – 6/2
Yell “Fudge” at the Cobras in North America Day – 6/2
Children’s Awareness Memorial Day – 6/2Bed Bug Awareness Week: 2-8
Black Single Parents Week: 2-8  
Community Health Improvement Week (CHI): 2-8 
End Mountain Top Removal Week:  2-8  
National Business Etiquette Week:  2-8  
National Headache Awareness Week: 2-8 
National Sun Safety Week: 2-8
Pet Appreciation Week: 2-8

Trilby Thursday / 5-30-19

Trilby Thursday EveryOne

Yippee-Ki-Yah, it’s another day we get to rise and shine, and give praise for another day of opportunities and chances to finish this week and month strong. We’ve got to go meet people, discover new places and hopefully get things done. But we are gonna need those hikers on to navigate our way through the paths that lead us down the back side of the mountain and that staff will be necessary to keep our balance and support us through those treacherous ways. I know we are pushing hard, and that the journey is taking its toll on us. But we have got to keep going and make the most of what has been given us. No it is not alway pretty, and definitely not easy but it is doable. But as we go along our way we will come on those that it has beaten them down, and is tormenting them and others just can’t physically do it any longer. We need to stop, listen and lend a hand in whatever way we can and see them to the nearest care center. Now let’s take advantage of ever moment of daylight and go make most of what is before us. Ok Im having to do this really for myself this morning, I really, really wanted to stay in bed but that ain’t gonna get the job done. Life does not wait for when we are ready to get it going, It does not stop to wait for us to board it or for us to get off cause things are not going out way. We have got to put it in gear and keep it going all day long. So as we don’t have a choice we might as well make the most of it and go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long and give it all we’ve got, regardless of how much or little wee have. Let’s go, go, go Your Morning Penguin

Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:National Mint Julep Day
Water a Flower DayLoomis Day
National Creativity Day
National Nail Tech Day

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Vacation vs Living Here & Crab Bites / 5-29-19

This time of year we start to get all the visitors from all other the state, country and even world. The wonders of Cape Cod often bit people really hard and the desire to leave here become a passion, (trust me, I was one). But when we are on vacation is not a good time to really consider where you want to live, primarily because life as a vacationer/tourist is so drastically different than living as a year round local. One of the major difference is, you save up to go on vacation, you use extra money to do the things that you would not normally do when at home. You eat out more, and you don’t have to worry about work for the most part. However when you live here, you have a mortgage, you can’t go out to dinner every night (ok if you’re a normal person). The lawn needs mowed, you still have to do the laundry, and the anything and everything that you do normally at you off Cape Cod still needs done here. We forget this, and what happens here during the off season. We forget about the cost differences, and changes in habits. We forget that we don’t get to sleep in every day, run to the beach whenever, or just go take a drive to play mini-golf or get ice cream every other day. Ok so you have to wait till after work and school to get to the beach, and you can find an ice cream parlor after dinner during the high season, and you can clam after the tourist are gone, and fishing on the weekends or if you can afford it golf. So as you come and visit us, remember as you start to ponder how cool it would be to live here, get your head out of the clouds and start to think realistically about all that goes into moving, whether here on Cape Cod or any other primarily vacation area. It does have it’s advantages but also its down sides. Do I regret moving, not for a minute, are there things I wish were different or I could change, absolutely, but for now I will enjoy each and every moment I have here. So with all that, I hope you still come, just enjoy your time, soak up the sun, enjoy the food, then go to return another day, another week another time to enjoy it more. And whenever you are here may you enjoy this place we call Old Cape Cod to its most. See you soon.        So another week of small business to report on. So what to do this week. Miniature Golf courses. I love to golf, it’s just that I don’t have the time or more-so the money. So the next best alternative is Putt-Putt or miniature Gold. Many of the courses put coupons and advertisements in the guide books that you can find at many of the restaurants and stores and at the Chamber of Commerces. So I am sure I will miss some but check your area as there are tons of them and all are different and fun to play. Now on with the list:       Poit’s Lighthouse Mini Golf – Wellfleet       Arnold’s Mini Golf – Eastham (eat Lobster then play golf)      Gift Barn Mini Golf – Eastham
      Cape Escape – Orleans      Harbor Lights Mini Golf – Brewster      Holiday Hill – Dennisport      Susan’s Garden Mini Golf – Dennisport      Pirates Cove – South Yarmouth      Skull Island – South Yarmouth      Wild Animal Lagoon – West Yarmouth      Putters Paradice – West Yarmouth      Steve & Sue’s Adventure Mini Golf – Hyannis      Mashpee Mini Gold – Mashpee      Popponesset Mini Golf – Mashpee      Cataumet Crossing Light – Cataumet 
      I know I am missing some, especially some of the smaller ones that are smaller ones that don’t do much advertising but are still little gems that are fun to play. So keep you eyes open and your putter handy, (no you don’t need to own your own) but you do need to bring your fun on with you and let it loose once you start playing. Hope you enjoy every put and hole-in-ones.         Well, well, well what a wicked wonderful weekend. I hope you were able to get out and participate in one of the many Memorial Day events that went on. The crowds were just unbelievable and the traffic was there to match it. Even though the water temperatures are still a bit chilly, it did not stop droves of folk from putting on the bathing suit for the first time this year and just enjoying the sun and getting their vitamin D replenished. And all the boaters looking to get their boats in on Friday got pushed back to Saturday, with wind gusts up to 60 mph it was just too treacherous to put in those smaller recreational boats. So they all turned out between Saturday and Sunday, with the leftovers on Monday. But for the most part we had no major issues, only a few that wanted to get a little uppity on the rules, but folks in the long run they are for every ones safety and enjoyment. We want all that go out to come back as they left. So please folks, if you want to play, please do so by the rules. Last but not least, remember we are now open 7 days a week. 9-7 daily, also if you are going to check out the other lighthouses on the Cape, be sure to check their websites for their times and days and dates open, we don’t all keep the same times. Now I better get back to cleaning up the place so that everyone has the same super experience when they visit our special old gal. May you respect her always, and may she be there for any and all who need her, on water, land and in the air, but we pray that her presents will be enough to comfort all in their times of need. Until we meet again, Have a great and wonderful, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.           This is one of those special months that we get an extra Wednesday in the month so we get some fun with an Appetizer recipe. As I have drifted towards over the past few years, living here on Cape Cod I have made my focus on seafood appetizers. This year is no different, Now I know there are plenty of other kinds of appetizer, but we will leave those to others living in other parts of the country. I am here and this is what ya get. That’s about the bottom line to it, (LOLOL). So hope you enjoy. 
      This week’s recipe: Crab Bites:
      1      stick      butter, softened      1      jar         Cheddar Cheese spread, (recipe calls for Kraft “Old English”)1 1/2      tsp         mayonnaise    1/2      tsp         garlic salt   1/2      tsp         seasoning salt (I prefer Old Bay for this recipe)      8      oz          lump crab meat   1/2      cup        shredded sharp Cheddar cheese      6      split        English Muffins
      Stir together first 5 ingredients until well blended. Gently fold in crab meat. Spread crab mixture on muffin halves. Top with shredded cheese. Place on tray or baking sheet and put in freezer until firm. Once firm, remove from freezer and cut each muffin into 4 triangles. Place in large plastic bag and return to freezer for storage up to 3 months. To service take out as many as needed and place on cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees until bubbling, finish under broiler to brown tops. 

Bucket Wednesday / 5-29-19

Bucket Wednesday EveryOne

Morning, Morning, Morning, Oh ya we made it through yesterday and we are cranked and looking to take this mountain on with a vengeance. As this is a short week the crest of this mountain will come at the end of the day. So looks like we will be spending the night on the top. So let’s get this hikers on and take hold that staff and let’s get this dance going. I hope you figured out what you objective was yesterday and that you are on aim to get to by the end of the week. We will need to push through each and every day of this week and make each step and each decision count for the most. Keep your eyes focus upwards and onwards and keep the legs churning all the way up. Now along the way we will come on those in dire need, we will take the time to stop, listen and help in any way we can and see them to the closest help center. Now as this is an all climbing day, let’s get it going and make the most of every moment we have to get the job done. And may your climb be fruitful and successful all the way up, then once we get there, enjoy the view. See how far we really have come in two day then turn and make that mental map for the morning, Put out the fire and gaze at the stars in the heavens. Now let’s go and get this done, and make us a most Happy, Happy all the day long. 
Your Morning Guru

Steve Gimmi

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